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Mx100 Series
· Entry level mounter
· Single gantry, single conveyor
Four axes modular head for Productivity
Two axes precision head for Flexibility
- Two axes precision head for Flexibility
- 680 x 460mm (750mm Optional)
Minimized space of line configuration
2.5M X 1.9M
Single Gantry
Dynamic analysis minimized vibration and noise
Single Conveyor
Soft start / stop during PCB conveyance technology
Minimized supply time by PCB walting area
Mx100 Series Spec.
  Mx100 Mx100P Mx100LP
CPH (IPC 9850) 15,000CPH 8,000 CPH
(QFP 2,400 CPH)
8,000 CPH
(QFP 2,400 CPH)
HEAD 4 Module 2 Precision 2 Precision
Board Size (L x W x H) 410×460×5.0㎜ 410×460×5.0㎜ 680 x 460 x 5.0mm
(L: 750mm Option)
Feeder Slot 80 EA (40x2) 80 EA (40x2) 100EA (50x2)
Size(W×D×H), Cover Only 1,200×1,900×1,500 1,200×1,900×1,500 1,450 x 1,900 x 1,500