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Since the very beginning of Mirae in 1983, Mirae has continued to invest on R & D, and had the success in localizing the test handler, which was a foundation of Korean semiconductor equipment industry.

With the basis on DRAM test handler, where the DRAM has been one of the Korean core business in the electronics industry, Mirae is expanding its market share by exploring the flash memory test handler market. The flash memory is the fast growing market as the

portable multimedia appliance and wireless communication appliance become strong in demands. Mirae has become No. 2 market player in the memory test handler segment, and Mirae is aggressively marketing its memory products to reduce the gap to No. 1 player in this segment. The flash memory test handler is expected to take more proportion in Mirae’s test handler revenues, since the flash memory is expected to grow in double digit growth rate and threaten DRAM’s revenues.

Currently, Mirae is focusing its memory test handler product including “Memory Component Test Handler(M430, M520), Memory Module Test Handler(M720,M740), USB Memory Test Handler(M770), Burn-In Loader & Unloader(M820, M850) as the cash cow, and has started to introduce the world class non-memory pick & place type test handler(M620). The two product group mentioned above will be Mirae’s core product group.

Linear Motor Technology
Mirae possessed the in-house developed high cost/performance ratio linear motor.
The linear motor technology enable the machine to maximize its performance and reliability by ensuring the higher speed motion with less vibration and the long-terms reliability, and the technology is suitable for the clean environment.
High Speed Pick & Place Robot Technology
Mirae realized the high cost/performance ratio robot technology by using the in-house developed motion control component. (Motion Board, Motion Amplifier, etc)
Mirae secured the most competitive Pick & Place robot technology in the test handler by sharing the SMT Mounter's robot technology.
Mirae accumulated the robot technology know-how by focusing the resources in a long terms.
Small & Thin Package Handling Technology and Highly Package Compatible Technology
Mirae possessed the H/W & S/W design technology of handling the smaller & thinner packages.
Mirae possessed the technology of designing a machine to be flexible and be applicable to the various application.
Heat Compensation Technology
With the devices’ functionality to become more complex in the smaller device space, the device design rule to become narrow, and the device signal speed to become faster, the devices’power(heat) dissipation problem becomes serious.
The dissipated heat needs to be compensated for, otherwise the yields will be seriously reduced.
Secured the heat compensation technology of LN2 injection type in a self & forced mode.
Secured the parallel extendibility up to 128 Parallelism.
Vision Inspection Technology
The Test handler adopts the vision inspection technology which is the core technology in SMT mounter.
This technology will be used to inspect the pre & post package damage during the handling process. This technology will become more useful as the device become more thin and fragile.